In PENIS PORTRAITS I used the same considerations, parameters, and techniques than I use when taking portraits of people. Every detail of skin color and texture is captured in a well lit studio environment. And there are moods to capture, some come across as strong and erect. Others nuzzle into soft places, some seem vulnerable and still others are curious, even playful. Throughout this series I sought to personify and demystify the penis. This is an invitation (especially to women) to come in closer to look long and deeply and without shame or guilt at this part of the male body. There is still the thrill of a taboo being violated even though I quite purposefully am removing any context of the sexual or pornographic. Here is an opportunity for viewers to explore their opinions and presumptions about the penis and how they arrived at those ideas. It is impossible to escape from the cultural, religious and moral values that shape us as we view any part of the human body. I hope that this series will make it easier to just appreciate the penis for what it is – a distinctive, intriguing and delightful part of the anatomy of man.