BLACK FACE is an ongoing portrait series of people of all genders, races and ethnicities whose faces are painted pure black.Black, because it takes us back to the beginning of our race, the human race, in Africa. Black, because it is the anti-color, it swallows all light, distractions vanish, only pure form remains.By zooming into each face, not showing hair or any other reference to cultural and racial heritage, the eyes become the only portal for the viewer. We’re allowed a glimpse deep into the soul of each individual. In that moment we enter into a stillness; a collective recognition of what connects us all on a deeper level.Looking into the eyes of each person in the series we realize that the genders seem to blur and move to the background. Even age becomes difficult to determine.Participants spend about half an hour getting their faces meticulously painted by the artist, which gives both parties time to get familiar with each others’ presence before the actual photograph is taken. The initial reaction when a participant sees him or herself in the mirror for the first time is always complete astonishment and disbelief at how one’s own self can look so different and unfamiliar at first but then a new way of seeing oneself opens up while being liberated from the confines of ethnicity, race, and gender.